Group Session for Children on Every Saturday

The group session for children and teenagers (5 to 17 years) uses Expressive Arts Therapy and creativity to help children connect to their problems, give voice to their emotions, and learn techniques to heal. It uses a variety of techniques including art, drama, movement, music, storytelling etc.. Through the experience of Expressive Arts Therapy, the child’s individuality and self-esteem are supported and enhanced.

Day: Every Saturday

Timing: 4 Pm to 5 pm

Venue: 7, Muchachi Mansion (3rd floor),
kasthuri Estate 3rd street,
(Next to Dr.Agarwal’s Hospital),
Chennai – 600086.

Fee: Rs.3500 + GST for 8 sessions

The Session starts with the ‘Art from the Heart’ art session and continues with the Group Session. Children will be divided into different groups depending on their age.


For more information please contact :

Magdalene Jeyarathnam – 9884700135/ 9884700104 or 

Email –





PG Diploma course in Expressive Arts Therapy

Admissions open for Expressive Arts therapy Course Batch 8 – 2018 to 2019 : Course Requirement is as follows:

  • The course is taught in English, students applying have to understand, read and speak English fairly well, if not the student needs to let us know how she/ he plans to write assignments etc.
  • 100% Class attendance
  • All students agree to do 40 hours of personal therapy with a therapist of their own choice.
  • Completions of all assignments, and project work. All this is graded and the grade will appear on your certificate.
  • Students get supervision either by skype / direct meetings with an assigned supervisor
  • Students write and pass an ethics examination which is a written exam

Students will receive a Joint diploma certificate from East West Center for Counselling and Training and Women’s Christian College

At the end of the course:

  • A certificate from The World Storytelling Institute
  • A certificate from Indian Institute of Psychodrama

How do you apply?

  • Please check if you are eligible to apply. (Scroll down for eligibility criteria) If in doubt please feel free to call 9884700104/ 9884700135

Please request application form on our

Email id :

Fill in your application form and attach relevant documentation and post it with a cheque in favor of “East West Center for Counselling and Trg Pvt Ltd” for Rs 500.

  • You will hear from us within a week. If you are admitted into the programme you will have to immediately book your seat by paying the first instalment. Total number of seats is 20. We have students from different parts of India and abroad applying for this course. Fees once paid is not refundable as we are securing the seat and cannot take any more students.


Calendar : Dates for classes (100 % attendance)



December 2018

Dec 3rd ( Mon ) – 14th ( Fri )

(No classes on weekends)

February 2019

Feb 4th ( Mon ) – 15th ( Fri )

(No classes on weekends)

April 2019

Apr 1st ( Mon ) – 12th ( Fri )

(No classes on weekends)

July 2019

Jul 1st ( Mon )  – 12th ( Fri )

(No classes on weekends)

What are the components we cover in this course?

Psychodrama, Art therapy, Dance/ movement therapy, storytelling as therapy, Music therapy, Counselling, and Expressive Arts Therapy.

This is a 14 credits course. You will cover 300 hours class work, 50 hours in assignments, 70 hours on your project, 10 hours of supervision and 40 hours of personal therapy. This is a total of 470 hours.

Who are the teachers of this course?

Teachers are registered and practicing therapists, professors from colleges/ universities from different parts of the world.

How much is the course fee?

The total course fee is Rs.1,27,100 (including GST).  If your paying in instalments it is Rs.50,000 in first instalment, Rs.50,000 in 2nd instalment, Rs.27,100 in 3rd instalment. All fees will be collected by East West Center for Counselling & Training.

Who can apply?

If you are working in an NGO, if you are already working with children – ( special educators, Montessori teachers)or working as a health care professional (doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, social workers, counsellors, HR professionals, Corporate Trainers, Life Coaches. This training will enable you to perform your work with more tools. This is not an Art based Therapy course this is Expressive Arts therapy and we expect students who are applying to have some academic or arts competence.

You should have completed a Master’s degree but if you are graduate it has to be in fine arts, psychology or Social work. If you do not have the necessary educational qualification we will consider your experience if that is relevant.

Men and women are eligible to be apply, since most alternate therapy courses have a lot of women candidates, male candidates are encouraged to apply.

For Registration Click here


Phone: 9884700135 / 9884700104

Please write to us or call us details above, if you need further clarification.

Storytelling Therapy Course and Workshop

Storytelling Therapy is one of the Creative Arts Therapies (also known as, the Expressive Therapies), along with Drama Therapy, Music Therapy, Visual Art Therapy, etc.

Storytelling Therapy involves working with stories that relate to clients’ experiences.  Participants  would learn about, and would receive training in,  Storytelling Therapy methods. These methods  can be used for Psychological Counselling, as  well as for Coaching, Personality Development Facilitating, Life Skills Training, and Healing.

 Certificates of Participation would be given by the East West Center for Counselling and Training. 

Info about the 13-session Course (via Videoconference) is at

Info about the 7-session Workshop (at Harrington Road) is at

Art from the Heart – Art Sessions Every Saturday

An art space for children, young people and families to imagine, express, create and explore oneself. It is a rare opportunity to find a space for people to come together to create art and introspect.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein


  “Art requires imagination. It requires creativity. Creativity requires experience and experience comes from your life and your life is expressed in your art.” – Bruce Lee


Time :  3.00 PM to 4 PM


Admission Fee : Rs.100