Ms. Snowlin Sofia D  

Trainee Counsellor & Program Coordinator for DEAT

Snowlin is a Masters of Social Work graduate in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work Specialization from Madras School of Social work. She is passionate in making others happy, with smile. She firmly believes that every individual is unique with their own potentials and capabilities. She is always keen in helping others to realize themselves, during stressful situation


 Ms. Indirapriyadarshini
Trainee Counsellor & Program Coordinator for DPD
A Professional social worker! She has a great passion towards mental health counselling & that paves way in gaining more experience in the field of school & corporate Counselling and building the steps to her career.. Her ideology for life- Help yourself, to help people help themselves, which lead her way to Masters in Medical & Psychiatric social work. She loves to express herself through dance and listening to music, which she believes, would contribute to the rythym of one’s life.

 Ms. Shruthi                                                    

Counsellor & Counselling Supervisor

Shruthi acquired her MPhil degree in Counselling Psychology. She is a calm and composed person who enjoys listening to music and reading books. She is passionate about helping people to bring a change into their lives by facilitating a different perspective and progress in growth. She believes that every experience in our lives shape us, and is inspired by the quote “Grow through, what you go through”.

 Ms. Johannah Preethika. E                        

Counsellor & Placement Officer

Johannah completed her Master’s in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work. She did internships and gained experiences in many reputed institutions. She has always been passionate working with children, She enjoys the field of counselling making a change and touching peoples life in a significant way, ‘helping them help themselves’ is how she sees her profession. She likes to read and make creative art works which helps her be professionally effective. “Nothing is more beautiful than a real smile that has struggles through tears.” and that is what she hopes and believes to see with individuals who seek her.

 Ms. Mary Esther                    

Trainee Counsellor & Training Coordinator

Mary has completed her Masters of Science in Counselling Psychology at Madras School of Social Work, Chennai. She has done internships in both clinical and school settings. She found her interest in counselling students with a need, and to empower those individuals. She believes in helping people to help themselves and to accept oneself for who they are.


Ms. Henrietta Veronica Peterson        

Trainee Counsellor & Training Coordinator

Henrietta has completed her Masters in Social Work with a specialisation in Medical and Psychiatry. She is highly enthusiastic about her profession and aims to guide children and adolescents in helping them resolve their emotional and behavioral problems. She is analytical, empathetic and intuitive. She is a great problem solver and a people person.She is very artistic and uses her art techniques to enhance a better relationship with her clients.