Our training is based on the fact that psychodrama requires a lot of processing and it is not helpful to rush participants into getting certified as CP. Our training takes four to five years. While the training is occurring, participants write and submit papers and which are then peer-reviewed, and are graded by a trainer.

Various workshops are organised to felicitate the progress of gathering training hours. We enable participants to not just mimic a trainer, but to develop their own styles based on their own personalities. All of our participants are exposed to a minimum of four trainers during their training.

Levels Hours / Duration Components Eligibility
Level One – Auxillary Ego 100 Hours Introduction to basic methods & foundations of psychodrama & sociometry; the roles of group member, auxiliary and protagonist; the theory of spontaneity-creativity and the role theory of personality; basics of psychodrama action and sociometric group process; relation of psychodrama and sociodrama.


Anyone from HR/Teaching/Social Work/Therapy background can apply.
Level Two – Assisstant Director Participants would have completed 500 hours, including 30 hours of supervision under a TEP Introduction to the Director Role; Intermediate-level exploration and mastery of Methodology and Sociometry; Ethical Issues in psychodrama practice.


Should have completed level I and completed 400 training hours.
Level Three – Psychodrama Director Participants would have completed 800 hours of training, and 30 hours of supervision. Expanding & deepening Director Role; Advanced-level exploration and mastery of Methodology, Sociometry and Role Theory;  supervised experience in leading short-term psychodrama groups; demonstrating high levels of spontaneity-creativity; conceptualizing psychodrama & sociometric process in written material


Should have completed level I and level II training. Should have completed 700 hours of training in all.