Work with Corporates

Counselling  is being used to maintain a motivated workforce. Mental health and emotional well-being is taken care of by counselling, this in-turn results  in higher levels  of productivity and self-efficacy. Corporate counselling provides organisation with a healthy  work environment. The benefits of engaging us are, we can improve productivity, we can help with team building, we can be moderators  in a crisis situation, we can aid with de-addiction, improve time management skills, reduce stress among the work staff, improve self-esteem, and so much more.

As part of our Woman Empowerment initiative, we offered free counselling services for women employees to help them navigate through pressures of balancing work and home life, their overall well-being as well as maximising their  true potential to realise their wishes realistically.” Padmini, Former Head – Internal Communications, Group Technology, Standard Chartered Bank

When the employee understands that his/her company is concerned about his mental well-being, the perspective that he has about the company shifts to a positive side. Counselling builds more trust and greater productivity in the organisation” Sheeba, HR, SPI Cinemas

We delegate Expressive Arts Therapists to corporates to work with employees and their families.All the techniques of Expressive Art Therapy are used with the employees to achieve their work-life balance.

We use Psychodrama techniques to build teams, and to assess team members. This methodology focuses on the similarities of individuals within groups, rather than on the differences within groups.  This helps teams build trust between the members.

Our Work With Individuals, Couples and Group

Our counsellors often work with clients on a one-on-one basis, or with couples and also in group settings using  various mediums of Expressive Art Therapies like, psychodrama, art, music, creative movements, story telling and dance.

We help with:

•Improving Self-esteem
•Improving relationships
•Crisis intervention
•Grief counselling
•Work-life balance
•Anger management
•Stress management
•Pre-marital counselling
•Identifying sexual orientation

Trainings and Workshops

We create modules on various topics like Dance and Movement therapy, Grief Counselling,  Psychodrama Training, Visual arts therapy, Relationship skills, Handling Transference, Counselling skills and techniques etc. which are made available for professionals involved in the field.

Skilled professionals and experienced resource persons come from all over the world to spread their knowledge in both lecture sessions and experiential sessions. We have got resorce people  from the United States of America, Italy, Greece, Spain, India etc.

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